About This Site has been around since January of 2004, making it old (approximately). However, the most recent redesign was started in September of 2012, after being unused for a couple years. Throughout its history, has been a sort of sandbox for my various programming adventures. It has been hosted on VPSes, Google App Engine, old computers in my house, and currently by

The current, Heroku implementation is my first attempt in a long while to create a complete, public web site from scratch. I chose Heroku because it offers a simple, low-priced, managed hosting solution for node.js-based applications. It also supports deployment via Git. Which is very handy. I am also striving to ensure, through the use of responsive web design, that the site should work on a variety of devices, including phones and tablets. If you have problems, feel free to contact me.

There are a number of technologies and open-source projects that are in use by I'll probably end up blogging about some of them, why I picked them, and how I feel about my choices. But my end goal is to create a site that demonstrates my programming and web development skills and gives me a platform to discuss what I'm up to and share my experiences with others.

Thanks for stopping by!